About Us Talbott Glass, LLC in Elkins, WV

The Origins of Talbott Glass, LLC

Elkins’ Oldest Family Owned Business

“Over 110 Years of Quality”

Talbott Glass, LLC is the oldest family-owned business in Elkins, West Virginia. A painting crew consisting of the dedicated teenaged boys, Duke, Kenny, and Dorwin, “Talbott Brothers, Painters and Decorators,” quickly grew into a full-fledged business, while brother Rezin painted murals throughout the Kerens and Halliehurst mansions. Talbott Paint and Glass was founded by A. Dane “Papa” Talbott in 1906, and continued to be operated by the Talbott brothers, Dorwin, I. D. “Duke,” and Kenneth through 1978. Duke’s son, Mark Talbott, now carries on the family business. From our origins as a small one-room operation, the company has grown to meet the needs of our customers, and has likely had a hand in the construction and painting of just about every home, church, and business built in Elkins, including Alderson-Broaddus and West Virginia Wesleyan colleges. When we first opened, we carried handmade paint and glass, of course, as well as hunting and fishing equipment, traditional hardware materials, and Haviland china.

“Smile. You’re Alive”

From 1906 to the 1930s, Talbott Paint and Glass Company was located on 3rd Street in the old Davis Trust Co. Bank Building, where a wide variety of paint and supplies were offered to the community. Mobile delivery services by truck were also offered. From the 1930s to the 1970s, we served the community from Henry Avenue (where the Federal Building is now located). In 1970, the Company relocated to 3rd Street and the famous “Smile. You’re Alive” sunshine mural was applied to the building exterior by Kenny. In the 2000s, we added the new addition, including the Window and Door Store.

The Gateway Mural Welcoming You to Elkins

The bright, smiling, sunny-faced Talbott Mural that you see today as you enter Elkins from the Henry Avenue side of Third Street began to be painted by Kenny Talbott in the spring of 1976. After receiving a suggestion from his father, Duke “I.D.” Talbott. Kenny promptly began to work on the design, Duke provided the paint, and the creation of one of Elkins most famous attractions was underway. By the summer of ’76, and with help from A.D. Talbott and Don Tracy, the finished mural was ready to welcome residents and visitors alike to Elkins, West Virginia, with its warm, cheerful color scheme and reminder that, in the words of Kenny, “If you’re able to read the sign, you’re alive, so you’ve got a reason to smile.”

The uplifting message beneath the large 19′ x 40′ smiling face of the sun has served as the gateway to Elkins for over 40 years. Mark Talbott and several members of the Talbott family aim to keep the mural freshly painted every few years, with the latest fresh coat applied in 2012 by Aaron Talbott and his sister, Cristin Terry. In addition to the “Smile! You’re Alive” mural, Kenny Talbott and and Don Tracy painted another Henry Avenue face of the Talbott building with a rainbow mural in the summer of 1977. Despite closing the paint department after Kenny’s retirement, Talbott Glass continues to serve the community from the current location on Cole Avenue, headed by Mark Talbott’s daughter, Cristin Terry, and husband, Justin. The Terrys are proud to continue operating in the original spirit that the company was founded on by A. Dane Talbott in 1906.

Proud Contributor to Local Culture

By the mid-1980s, Talbott Glass was keeping up with customer demand by designing and building custom solar rooms and greenhouses. At Talbott Glass, we have always had an affinity and close relationship with the local art community. We are proud to contribute to the culture of our region.

For over 110 years, we have operated our business based on meeting the needs of our customers by providing quality glass products and superior craftsmanship. We now serve our valued residential and commercial customers throughout West Virginia from our large glass repair and restoration facility at 1110 Cole Avenue. In addition to glass repair, we offer a variety of quality glass services and products. Comprehensive installation and historical restoration services are available, as well.

Exceptional Glass Products, Repair, and Services at an Honest Price

Although our size has grown, our commitment to providing exceptional products and services at an honest price has not changed. We have always been proud to be a family-owned and operated local business. The Talbott family continues to oversee the daily operations of Talbott Glass. Company president and son-in-law, Justin Terry, oversees daily operations and continues to ensure that area residents and businesses can continue to rely on us for the superior glass services that have earned us our reputation as the region’s most trusted glass company.

Serving Individuals, Commercial Stores, Banks, and Municipal Government

Talbott Glass, LLC meets the needs of individuals, as well as small to large commercial stores, banks, contractors, and municipal government establishments. Our craftsmen offer stunning decorative glass, mirror-work, and fine restoration for heirloom furniture. If you operate a commercial property or secure business handling items of value, we offer professional installation of many types of heavy-duty and security glass, including storefronts, teller windows, display cases, and steel doors. We have a door or window to meet all of your needs. From insulated, energy efficient options to frosted and patterned glass doors and windows to accentuate the visual appeal of your property, Talbott Glass is here to meet your needs. To learn more about our products and services, please call our friendly staff members at: (304) 636-2936.