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Interior Office Glass Installation in Elkins, WV

Commercial Partitions and Interior Framing Systems

Talbott Glass, LLC sells and installs professionally designed, customized interior office glass manufactured by YKK and Kawneer for businesses in Elkins, and throughout our entire West Virginia service area. Solid, opaque walls stand in the way of light infiltration and create barriers that can detract from communication. Our sturdy commercial glass partitions and interior framing systems enable sound and/or visual privacy as needed, without detracting from the open architectural style of your office. Whether you are installing a new office space or retrofitting your existing office, we have just what you need to complement your design at a price you can afford. We also offer prompt repair/replacement service for your office glass installation.

Standalone or Integrated Glass Office Partitions

We provide interior office glass partitions that can serve as standalone units or integrate seamlessly with Kawneer entrance systems for a clean, flawless presentation. Several color options and finishes are available. Choose from flush-glazed, center-aligned glass or screw-spline construction to accommodate your existing structural architecture in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Frosted Switchable Electrified Privacy Glass Installation

When privacy is a concern, consider an electrified privacy glass partition installation for your office. These attractive glazing systems transform from crystal clear to frosted glass and back with the flick of a switch. Privacy glass offers you the versatility to have control over the privacy, security, and openness of your business environment. Numerous hardware and finishing options are available for you to choose from, and most systems can be remotely controlled. Wall panels can be installed in patterns to enable “cascading waterfall,” “rolling curtain,” and similar effects as the panels are programmed to turn on and off in series. The effect adds a dramatic flair that is certain to impress.

  • Conference Rooms
  • Business Offices
  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Projection Screen for Storefronts
  • Sterile Privacy Glass Bathroom Stalls
  • Art Wall Installation Design

For a clean business image, consider glass as an architectural and design element for your professional office spaces. To learn more about our products or schedule an installation, contact Talbott Glass directly at: (304) 636-2936.