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Frosted and Patterned glass at Talbott Glass in Elkins, WV

There are many advantages to installing frosted or patterned glass for your residential or commercial project in Elkins, or throughout West Virginia. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, specialized decorative glass options offer increased privacy, safety, and protection from damaging UV rays. Switchable electronic frosted panels may also be used as projection surfaces for marketing purposes on your storefront or as a display screen in your office or boardroom.

Many elegant and attractive glass options are available for your residential or commercial window, door, or interior glass installation. Custom mirror-work also enables you to present your company logo in a personalized manner that is certain to impress your clients. We sell directly to homeowners and contractors, and also offer professional installation services.

Simonton Grid Styles, Patterns, and Glass Options

For residential glass, Simonton offers one of the nation’s most extensive ranges of options for your glass projects.

Standard Grid Patterns:

  • Colonial
  • Perimeter
  • Double Perimeter
  • Victorian
  • Prairie
  • Double Prairie
  • Diamond

Standard Grid Styles:

  • White -flat or sculptured
  • Tan -flat or sculptured
  • Driftwood -flat or sculptured
  • Brass -sculptured
  • Maple -sculptured
  • Antique Cherry -sculptured
  • Contemporary Oak -sculptured

Decorum Grid Styles:

  • Victorian
  • Colonial
  • Perimeter
  • Double Perimeter
  • Queen Anne
  • Double Queen Anne
  • Diamond

*Flat, sculptured, and v-groove grids available for select grid styles; Custom grid patterns available

Standard glass options include:

Laminated: Increased security, safety, and protection from sound and UV fading of furnishings

Tempered: Safety glass; shatters into small pieces instead of large shards if broken

Bronze or Grey Tint: Maximize energy efficiency

Obscure: Privacy glass

Lumera Delta Frost for Patio Doors: Privacy Glass

Decorum privacy glass options include:

  • Rain
  • Glue Chip
  • Obscure
  • Bronze
  • Bronze Tint
  • Grey Tint
  • Flemish
  • Delta Frost
  • Reed

Browse a variety of glass grid styles at Talbott Glass in Elkins, WV

A Wide Range of Glass Options
to Meet Your Needs

Most of our glass products are available in a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Contact Talbott Glass, LLC to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and requirements.

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