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Sliding Glass and Patio Doors in Elkins, WV

Quality Sales, Installation, and Repair Services

Talbott Glass, LLC is the region’s trusted installation service provider for exceptional quality Simonton sliding glass and hinged patio doors in Elkins, and throughout our West Virginia service area. We sell and install patio doors for new construction projects, as well as replacements for your existing door. Models are available in a range of colors and styles to match your home’s interior and exterior, and our insulated doors provide the added benefit of helping keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our professional repair technicians provide comprehensive repair service to keep your patio doors operating smoothly, as well.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Increased Happiness and Comfort

Aside from being a functional element of your living space, patio doors offer many additional benefits. The greatly increased availability of natural light has been linked to lower rates of depression, as well as increased happiness and energy levels by helping to regulate natural circadian rhythms. They also create a more comfortable living environment. The large, open glass design of patio doors helps break down the barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment. By allowing for a greater view of nature, you enjoy an unobscured experience of your property without the bother of pests, regardless of the weather outside.

Patio Doors for Enhanced Security and Lower Energy Consumption

Modern patio doors are available with enhanced security features to help protect children and pets while keeping them safely inside, while dissuading the entry of potential intruders. In addition, you will enjoy significant energy savings over patio doors manufactured just a few years ago. Patio doors are a cost-effective solution to help lower your energy consumption. Our customers enjoy the benefits of less reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioner usage throughout the spring and fall seasons.

Simonton Sliding Glass Door Warranty Service

We provide warranty service for sliding glass doors covered by Simonton. Our service is prompt and we treat you with courtesy. If you require assistance, please call to schedule an appointment for your covered repair.

Simonton Warranty

Contact Talbott Glass to learn more about the available options and benefits of our patio doors or to schedule your installation. Call: (304) 636-2936.