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Teller, Exchange, and Transaction
Window Installation in Elkins, WV

Professional Sales, Installation, & Repair of Bullet Proof Security Glass

Do your employees require protection without hindering their view of the surrounding area? At Talbott Glass, we offer sales and professional installation of a variety of superior strength blast and bulletproof security glass from C. R. Laurence and other fine manufacturers. We also provide repair and replacement services throughout our service area.

“Why do you rob banks?”
“Because that’s where the money is.”
-Willie Sutton

Protect Your Cash and Employees

An investment in quality security windows is essential if your employees regularly deal with cash or other items of value, or if you must safeguard items or persons located behind the window while allowing effective communication and/or the secure passage of documents, cash, and other materials. Some of the protective products that we install include:

  • Bank Teller Windows
  • Pass-Through Exchange Windows
  • Transaction Windows
  • Solid Framed Windows
  • Sliding Security Windows
  • Prison Communication Windows
  • Attendant Windows
  • Administrative Windows

Interior and exterior design options are available with bullet resistance levels 1 and 3. Finishes include anodized, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and a pallet of painted and powder-coated colors to match your existing color scheme. Prefabricated and customized units in a range of sizes are available.

Bullet Resistant Ballistic Windows for Banks & Correctional Institutions

Our tempered, bullet resistant, and ballistic windows are ideal for banks, as well as a variety of types of financial institutions and companies that deal with valuables. From securely accepting deposits to handling all types of sensitive transactions, our windows provide the protection necessary to dissuade criminals and protect the security of the teller. Our impact-resistant glass products are ideal for a variety of applications.

  • Gas Stations
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Ticket Windows
  • Convenience Stores
  • Jails, Prisons, and Correctional Facilities

Affordable Robbery and Theft Deterrent Systems

Every year, thousands of robberies and thefts occur that could be prevented with a proper deterrent system, which includes a professional security glass transaction system. Many businesses exclude the possibility of including an appropriate barrier system because they overestimate their security needs. We will assist you with determining the level of protection recommended for your business and provide you with a quote that we think will please you. Most businesses do not face attacks from rocket-propelled grenade launchers or AK-47s. Level 1 bullet resistant systems provide superior protection at an affordable price for many of our customers. To get answers to your questions, learn more about our teller windows and security products, or schedule an installation, contact Talbott Glass at: (304) 636-2936.