Welcome to Talbott Glass, LLC, providing modern solutions for every glass need since 1906. Glass is stylish in any age, and Talbott has always been at the forefront of sophisticated design that is always on the cutting edge. We can provide all sizes and styles of glass and mirrors to suit your particular residential and commercial use.


Talbot Glass, LLC is a family-owned and operated business serving the area in and around Elkins, West Virginia. A. Dane “Papa” Talbott founded the company as a small one-room operation back in 1906. It has grown with the times to its current location at 1110 Cole Avenue, which includes a large glass shop.


The Talbott family continues to be the force behind the business. Son-in-law, Justin Terry, oversees daily operations and serves as president. Talbott Glass continues to be a multifaceted glass company, serving customers ranging from individuals to big businesses. We specialize in residential and commercial glass, and are proud to serve the entire West Virginia area.

Talbott Glass LLC
Commercial & Residential Glass in Elkins, West Virginia

Talbott Glass, LLC serves the residential and commercial glass needs of residents throughout West Virginia. With over a century of glass experience, trust Talbott's when you require repair or replacement of all types of glass. We offer a wealth of history throughout our service area, a wide range of quality products, as well as a reputation for high-quality installation and repair services for our valued customers. We know our materials and craft like few other businesses in the country.

We work with each customer to help fix many types of glass problems, help you reduce energy waste, and correct any leaks of hot or cold air that you may be losing to the outdoors. We install energy efficient doors and windows for your new construction project, replacements for your existing residential or commercial property, and complete restoration and repair work for cracked or broken windows that detract from the aesthetic look of your home or business. You can depend on us to provide the materials and workmanship to get the job done right the first time, every time.

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